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Love to Dance

The footsteps that dance takes you through changes you and your life.

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Finally back to a beach :D #kata #phuket #summerholiday #summer2014 #summeraftergraduating
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"In Japan with this idiot" - Craig :P #summerholiday #schoolisover #ihatepictures #injapan #highschoolover  (at 天神)
Finally graduated! Thank you class of 2014 and thank you to everyone who has made this possible! Now let’s go make the last 3 days in school crazy~~!!! #lastcoupleofdaysasahighschooler  #classof2014 #graduationceremony #thankyou #itsbeencrazy #nosquarehatsyey (at Rama Gardens Hotel)
What can I say about the amazing Mr. Fotheringham…. He is definitely the most crazy, wonderful, funny, entertaining, caring tutor any of us N13’s could have had. Come on guys he wears awesome stuff to school! Haha these two teachers have supported me so much in the crazy sixth form years and there is absolutely nothing I can do to show the gratitude I have these two teachers. Only thing I can do is work hard in university and come back a proud harrow lion and show that the effort they put in has not gone to waste. Thank you so much for all of your support and let’s all cherish the last week of highschool! :D #prom2014 #harrow2014 #twoofmybestteachers #thankyou  (at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit)
Because of this wonderful lady I am finally graduating. Someone who has supported me since year 6 and all the problems I have had. I will tag you when you become friends with me on Facebook after I graduate. Thank you much for all you have done, and there is truly no words I can say for the fact every single time I had to talk to you, you just sat there and listened. Please keep being amazing and be the beautiful and amazing person you are! Keep in touch! CANADAAAAAAAAAAAA #canadiansforthewin #mylovelycounsellor #prom2014 #harrow2014 #gorgeous  (at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit)
Oh Miti, you are just one of those people that deep down inside is a old granny who has like a million cats in her house hahaha. It is finally good to know that I won’t have that cat song stuck in my head thank you very much! (Joking :P) But I’ll miss you coming up to me and getting it stuck into my head at the same time…. All the best to my weird and old cat lady and may he have all the cats he wants in the world :P <- invite me to your house when you do get a whole load of cats! (p.s. I think you should own a cat cafe :P just saying hehe) all the best to you Miti! And will miss you loads! Xx #crazy catalyst #insiderthisboyisaoldcatlady #trustmeheiscrazy #prom2014 #harrow2014 #weareleaving #wearetotallyweird #goodluck #goingtograduate #highschoolending (at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit)
To my bestest Japanese friend in school. I have never really had a proper Japanese friend in which I can say and talk about anything to. I know we’ve only been friends for a short while but it has been great to meet and get to know you! Don’t give up on anything and I know you will become something great. Good luck with year 13 and keep me updated when I leave! It’s going to be sad leaving all of you year 12’s but I will be back to visit. And hopefully you’ll still be at Harrow. Good luck with everything and thank you for being such an awesome friend! 本当に優しく、仲良くしてくれてありがとう!休みとかに戻って来た時には一緒に遊びに行こうね!yr13 がんばれ〜\(^o^)/#bestjapanesebuddy #wearetotallyweird #prom2014 #harrow2014 #missallofyou #happytomeetyou #lovelynight (at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit)
Amy Amy Amy, what can I say?! All these years and we haven’t changed a bit (of course we have but you know what I mean). We should never ever lose touch like we did the past year and this time properly talk to each other :D hehe it’s been a crazy and amazing ride being your friend and I couldn’t have a weirder Korean to talk to about girly things :P we need to talk so much before I leave meet up more often! I love love love love love you and you know how I feel about our friendship. So I don’t need to say much more than a big thank you :) thank you for staying with me no matter what happens and best of luck with everything that will follow. remember you can call me for any problems! Hehe zoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo #mybestfriend #koreanbitch #lovethecrapoutofher #thankyou #promdate #harrow2014 #goingtograduate #senioryear (at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit)