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Love to Dance

The footsteps that dance takes you through changes you and your life.

I guess I’m a “sit in the back” student :P #UNSW #summer2014  (at UNSW Law)
It is such a nice day to be doing orientation. I love this campus <3 #UNSW #unilife #amazingplace #gladtobehere (at UNSW Law)
Good morning Sydney! I’ll be with you for a while so please be nice. #firstmorninghere #backtowhereiwasborn #unilife #goingtoUNSW #firstday #letsstartitgood  (at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth)
To my beautiful mummy who has given me unconditional love for the past 18 years. It is crazy to think I’m leaving the house now and to be honest I don’t yet feel I’m leaving. There is nothing I could say that will make up for what you have done, but I just want to say a big thank you. 愛してるよマミー(≧∇≦)I love you!! Please stay the amazing mum that you are! Once again thank you mummy. I already miss you. Sending kisses and hugs from Sydney! Xoxoxoxo 😘😘😘❤️💜💙 (at Dezato Sukhumvit 47)
Thailand you have been amazing to me for the past 12/13 years. Thailand is no longer a place I stay it is a home. Thank you so much for everything and all of my friends and family. It is not a good bye but a see you soon. #graduated #leavingthailand #bkk #summer2014 #summeraftergraduating #lovethailand #goingtosydney #UNSW  (at Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok, Thailand)
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